The pet industry is vast and alternatives are only now making their rounds. We are a healthy alternative to what is on the market today. Check out our menu or stay tuned for cool fast recipes that you can share with your fur babies, we even offer some awesome products that range in health to style for your little munchkins.

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Why visit us ?

  • We deliver to your home. Just email us with what you need and we will workout the details.
  • We offer advice on how to feed your pet properly and give you some great links to explore
  • We offer a menu that we personally make at home for our munchkins
  • We scope out all the doggy parks for the latest and greatest new gadgets and accessories and obviously the best walks.
  • We strive everyday to answer all of your questions and if we don’t know, we will find out!
Our Menu
Hot Table

Some of these meals are tasty even for yourself with no added salts, no sugars, just steamed or boiled meats and veggies on buckwheat. Buckwheat is a seed not a grain that provides tons of nutritional benefits.

Cold Table

Provides you with great additions to your pets’ meals in order to boost their health. Under the cold menu you will find items that are great add-ons, as well as meal replacement depending on adaptation.


Exactly as they sound !!! Except we do our absolute best not to use wheat in any item. Clean snacking all the way.



We are a small family operation

Maybe it is to our detriment that we are not a huge manufacturer. We run the business as we do our household. We do all the cooking ourselves, all the packaging and all the advertising. The only thing thats not in house is our butcher.

So when we say, “You and your furbabies are important to us,” we hope that stretches a little bit closer to the heart.



The Munchkin Menu

Some items are for dogs some for cats but some are great for both!!!

D=dog C=Cat H=Humans

The Hot table

The Good Sheppard 520g

Oxtail and beef chuncks boiled in buckwheat or yams


The Flying Ball 520g

Ground beef and egg meat balls with boiled yams


Catch that squirrel 520g

Chicken liver and hearts and buckwheat in broth

C,D $6.99

The Mixen Vixen 700g

Beef chuncks, smelt, and chicken thigh with ground eggshells and carrots boiled with Yam

with organic tumeric and pinch of salt pepper


Get the Squash out

Made with real chicken broth and real squash (no cubes no cans) spices include rosemary,tumeric,oregano, marjamom, salt and pepper (no onion butwe can add it on the side if its for you!)


or 1L for $11

Chicken or Beef bullion

This is the natural bullion which needs at least 2 hr to cook. Great if you’re on kibbles as well.


or $8 for L

The cold table

Natural Gelatin (16-24hr cooking time)

This is made from various parts of the animal and cooked at a slow temperature to allow the water to gelatize. Its FANTASTIC for hips and joints way better than pills


or $25 for 1L

Learn more

The Raw PowerHouse  1KG for Dogs

Combo 1. smelts, chicken hearts,liver and beef chunck comes with a cut piece of beef bone

Combo 2. oxtail, beef chuncks and beef liver/heart comes with a cut piece beef bone


The Cats Meow Pack  1KG

Combo 1. chicken liver, ground chicken and smelts

Combo 2. smelts, ground turkey and bacon


Vitamin Green boosters 30-50ml

Spinich, egg, eggshells and vit c pure powder add to meals


Vitamin Berry boosters 30-50ml

Blueberries, dash of honey(organic), egg, eggshells



All the Munchies are Human friendly.

Twerkin Jerky

500grams of beef or turkey jerky with reduced sodium and rosemary with jerked yams


Peanut butter and squash cookies

made with no grains (12 pcs)


Yogurt freezies

blueberries and strawberries blended with sheep or goat yogurt and carob powder  12(pcs)


Gelatin freezies

blueberries and gelatin frozen (6pcs)


Strawberries with carob stuffing (6pcs)

Doggy frozen yogurt (coming soon)

strawberry, carob or vanilla no sugar added  1 L


Why People Love Us ?

Our  Menu

We offer a very customizable menu specific to your munchkins needs


We offer cool products and reviews specifically for pets.


Great E-books on pets whether its training or fun books for the kids. we will add kids puzzles too


Discussing some creative ways to minimize vet visits and great quick treat ideas

Great advice and quick to respond

we do our absolute best to give you top notch information and link you to credible sources if you need more information.


We aspire in building long lasting relationships both with our customers and suppliers

Service and Staff

We home deliver or leave your order at the local pet store that we are partnered with. Making your life easier.

Checkout Locations, times and prices


Haven’t Tried us yet?

Fill out our form about your munchkins and if your in the GTA we will personally deliver some samples for them.

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