Why do I hate on chicken?

I, unlike most people that I know do not do the raw food diet with my dog and I still support it because I know its 100% better than kibble, but personally I’m hesitant. Firstly, it is time consuming and expensive and unlike most people I don’t just find a raw ground meat and feed, there is a lot that goes into a very well rounded raw food diet for your pet.

Secondly, and most importantly is that raw food, if mishandled or a bad batch from the manufacturer was fed, is much more dangerous than at the very least having cooked that meat for even 15 seconds. Check out my article called RAW FEED/RAW FACTS.

However, we are here for chicken! Where do I start….:( personally I enjoy chicken who doesn’t? and by no means am I saying for you to cut chicken out of your dogs diet. If your dog or cat are not experiencing allergies than this is an okay meat. BUT, very very big BUT! just know that whether it be skin or breast, bone or liver it has way more omega 6 than omega 3, raw chicken even if organic has so much genetic modification that its’ nutritional value is far from the best option I have read several PhD papers about this exact topic they are long and boring for the average reader who just wants to know why.

So here it is chicken has been over modified and fed grains from start to finish which increases inflammation much more than other animals. As a personal note any cat I have ever owned and 2 of my dogs started getting extreme allergies anything from a closed eye that was pussing to bad skin until I realized it was the chicken ( shockingly if its just natural broth from chicken those problems do not occur). As I did more research I found that for some reason the skin of a chicken tends to keep most of the hormone injections and imbalances (eating skin of an animal for a dog is usually quite healthy) but on a chicken it tends to be the initial source of the problem. 


Listen! chicken is cheap and for the most part it is still a decent protein so here is what I suggest

1.) Do not take my word for it, do your own research. A really good article I found was from www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com called Why I stopped feeding my dog chicken. Also, pets.webmd.com which talks about the good the bad and the ugly.

2.) If your going to feed it and you have never done raw. Make sure your  dog is not allergic to the chicken kibble. then slowly start with a chicken liver or feet (without bone). Watch for a reaction usually you can see a reaction right away but maybe up to 24hr.

3.) if all goes well then give them a leg with bone, mind you watch your dog the whole time chicken bones are small and if your dog eats too fast it could be dangerous.

4.) I personally like to cook my dog’s food nothing crazy but maybe boil for 2 minutes and get bacteria out. For bones I prefer to take something like a leg and only give either side of the joint part of the meat and throw the rest away.

If you would like to know more about bones and how good they are, when too much is too much. Check out my blog called The Bone Dilhemma.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me. I would love to hear some of your stories.